Looking forward to the bathroom renovation? You are definitely not alone! There are many HDB apartment owners with limited space dreaming to beautify their bathrooms. 

Bathrooms are the space where you can relax after spending a long day out at work. Even though you live in HDB apartments, it is possible to make your dream of chilling in a luxurious HDB bathtub come true.

With the different models of HDB bathtubs, you can treat yourself to great convenience. Wondering which kind of bathtub will be best to enhance the look of your bathroom with great functionality? We are here with this blog to guide you with modern HDB bathtub ideas. Read to know more in detail!

Top Best HDB Bathtubs Ideas You Must Know

  • Wall-To-Wall Sealed Up HDB Bathtub

These are one of the most portable HDB bathtubs. For the installation of such modern bathroom accessories, there is no plumbing required. They are made up of acrylic material with fiberglass. 

Also, they are the perfect choice to go for when you don't want gaps between the wall and the bathtub. 

Best HDB bathtub option to go for because of the following reasons: 

  • No need to erect the bathroom wall or have tile to install these bathtubs. 
  • These bathroom accessories are adjustable according to the length of your bathroom walls. 
  • These bathtubs are sealed up with silicon, making sure these accessories have the perfect finish to fit.
  • Only there is skirting on one side while the other three sides are free. This makes them something unique.
  • Their interior area is very ergonomic with a round shape, assuring great comfort.
  • If you shift to another apartment, you just need to cut the silicone and simply move it with you anywhere. There will be no wear and tear on the floors as no tiles are used. 
  • Freestanding HDB Bathtub

This HDB bathtub is a portable accessory to go for your bathroom renovation. This is a perfect option for bathrooms of the master bedrooms. 

The unique feature of this HDB bathtub is strong enough to hold any body weight and lightweight enough to make it move anywhere around. Thus, you can easily maintain your bathroom hygienically. 

This bathroom accessory is the perfect option to buy if you rent an apartment or a house. This is because it is portable and you can carry it along with you. 

Here are its best features that make this bathtub a must-purchase: 

  • Hassle-free installation that requires only 30 minutes of work.
  • No need for hacking or tiling.
  • The design of the bathtub is slim-edged which means the existing shower mixer can be properly kept.
  • Rectangular HDB Bathtub With Resting Pillow

Do you prefer a bathtub or shower for relaxing your body? If you enjoy a bathtub, then you will be happy knowing that you can have great pleasure with much more convenience. All because of the versatility of a portable rectangular HDB bathtub with a resting pillow. 

Here are the amazing features of the rectangular bathtub with headrest: 

  • There is no need for hacking or tiling. Also, no plumbing is needed.
  • The designs of this bathtub provide the greatest comfort level to relax your body. 
  • Resting pillows are ergonomically best to prevent neck fatigue. With such a headrest you can sleep comfortably for some time in the bathtub. Thus, comfortable support will give a relaxing experience. 
  • Round Shape Stand Alone HDB Bathtub

If you are having a small bathroom, go for the round shape stand-alone HDB bathtub. Mostly, the bathtub in Singapore's HDB apartments is small, as the space is narrow. Such a design idea fits here ideally.  

Typically, this bathtub is deep rather than broad, giving a relaxing bathing experience. There are many more features you must know about:

  • The little footprint means the bathtub does not take up additional floor area.
  • This bathtub provides great appeal as it greatly highlights the walls, floor, and linear countertops of the bathroom. 
  • Offers deep and upright bathing space. 
  • Corner HDB Bathtub

If your bathroom has an irregularly angled wall or not enough space, then go for the corner HDB bathtub. By installing the tub in an unused corner, you can easily make the most out of your bathroom's space. 

There are many benefits of purchasing the corner bathtub. Those include:

  • The attractive appeal of the corner bathtub enhances the elegance of your bathroom. 
  • Its versatility is the obvious reason why you must consider buying it. Being versatile, you can fix it in any corner of the bathroom. As a result, it frees up more space for other bathroom accessories as well. 
  • Also, when you install the corner bathtub, there is much additional bathing area.
  • Easy to combine this type of bathtub with a bath mixer.

Summing Up

To conclude, all these HDB bathtubs are amazing in multiple ways. You can choose to buy any of these designs for your bathroom. 

When no wall hacking and plumbing is required, you can save your money purchasing all these bathtubs. Additionally, when you can conveniently move these accessories, it is easy to maintain the cleanliness of the space. Isn’t it all great!!